Event organizers can customize which information is exported for their event.

1. Navigate to the event in Bottlebooks and select “Settings” in the sidebar.

2. Click on “Configure Export” to start customizing.

3. Customize the export by choosing the information to be exported.

Drag and drop the fields to specify the order that the information should appear in the exported file.

4. Click “Export Data” to open the export dialog.

  • Export all event data: Each row will contain all the information related to 1 wine
  • Optimized export for print catalog: Each row will contain all information related to 1 exhibitor. This is optimized for designers to create bespoke catalogs. Designers can import this directly into Adobe InDesign Data Merge to generate catalogs with no extra steps.
  • Export images: This exports all images and logos that correspond to the information in the Excel file. Preview has low-resolution images but is faster. Full Resolution is needed for catalog printing and typically need more time to download due to their large size.

We recommend the following workflow to send information to designers:

  1. Select a fresh download folder in your web browser. All information will be downloaded here.
  2. Select download type.
  3. Set download options
    • Include units: appends units to alcohol, total acidity, residual sugar values, and blend percentages
    • Convert list to string: converts lists of values (such as wine blends) into comma-separated strings
    • Optimized for Adobe: enables seamless integration into Adobe InDesign Data Merge workflows
  4. Send the information to your designer using your standard process (Dropbox, USB Stick, etc.).