This guide explains how to configure the settings in an event in Bottlebooks.

Setting can be complex to manage yourself.  It is recommended that you reach out to Bottlebooks Support ( for free assistance in setting up your Project (event or catalog).

Basic Information

 NameName of event
 Start timeDate and time the event starts
 End timeDate and time the event ends
 Select TimezoneTimezone of event
What type of event is this?Wine event with exhibitors: Exhibitors enter their own wine information.Wine event with my wines: The event organizer enters all wine information.
DescriptionWine event description that appears on website.

Venue Location

 Location nameName of venue
 StreetVenue street address
 CityVenue city address
 Zip / Postal codeVenue zip / postal code
CountryVenue country
State / ProvinceVenue state / province
Contact phone number for this eventTelephone number to be displayed on website for visitors to contact.
Contact email for this eventEmail to be displayed on website for visitors to contact.

Website Theme

 Primary colorMain color for website. Used for menu items and links.
 Secondary colorUsed to highlight selected items.
 Website logoLogo to appear in website footer, Facebooks/Twitter posts, and when visitors bookmark event on smartphones.Recommended format:
  • jpg or png
  • Solid white background
  • Square dimensions
 BannerBanner to be displayed at top of website. Dimensions: 340px x 1170px

Menu Items

 Main menu itemsSpecifies which types of information have shortcuts in the menu bar
 Footer menu itemsSpecifies which types of information have shortcuts in the footer
 Landing pageSpecify which page should be displayed when visitors click “Home” or visit the website for the first time.

Configure Questions

By default, exhibitors are asked to complete the Bottlebooks Short Form. This is sufficient for most consumer events.

Event organizers can, however, customize the questions that exhibitors are asked to complete during registration.

 Select fieldsAll the standard fields in Bottlebooks. Click the plus sign to select the fields that exhibitors should complete during registration.
 Selected fieldsThe fields that have been selected. Click the minus sign to remove individual fields.

Additional Questions

In addition to the standard fields in Bottlebooks, event organizers can add their own custom questions.

Additional questions for exhibitors These questions appear when the exhibitors are completing their business profile information.
Additional product information requested These questions appear when the exhibitors are entering product information.

Configure Export

Event organizers can customize how information is exported for the event.

 Select fieldsAll the standard fields in Bottlebooks. Click the plus sign to select the fields to be exported.
 Selected fieldsThe fields that have been selected. Click the minus sign to remove fields from export.

Search Configuration

Event organizers can configure how visitors can search for exhibitors and products.

Business location Where the business is located (typically used for international trade fairs).
Seeking representation Countries where producer is seeking distribution.
Has distribution in Countries where producer has distribution.
Ex-cellar price range Which price ranges does the exhibitor offer?
Annual production Number of bottles of wine produced annually.
Sensory details Bottlebooks’ taste-driven search using producer-entered details.


Product priceSelect whether exhibitors enter exact prices, a price range, or no prices at all.
CurrencyCurrency used at event, and which the exhibitors must enter.
Price typeWhich price should be entered for this event.
Allow exhibitors to manage prices?Should the exhibitors be allowed to manage their own prices, or should only the event organizer be allowed to manage prices (useful for portfolio tastings).

Extended Website Settings

Show stand number for exhibitors?Should stand numbers appear on the online directory?
Enable printing of technical sheets?Should visitors be able to print PDF tasting notes from the online directory?
Show map of exhibitors and producers?Should a map be displayed on the home page of the online directory?
Show dynamic wine suggestions?When visitors are looking at a particular wine, Bottlebooks can show wines that are from the same region, include the same primary varietal, as well as a wine with a variety that is very rare at the event.
News sourceNews on the event home page can come from the organizer’s Twitter feed or by aggregating information entered by exhibitors themselves into Bottlebooks Brandfeed.
Maximum number of wines that each exhibitor can registerLimit the number of wines that exhibitors can register for the event. This applies to all exhibitors.
Main event websiteBottlebooks is just the online directory for the event. Enter the address for the main event website here.
Link to ticketing websiteLink to where visitors can register or purchase tickets for the event.
Twitter handleTwitter handle for event and to be displayed on home page of the online directory.
Twitter hashtag for eventHashtag for event.
Exhibitor instructionsInstructions that exhibitors see inside Bottlebooks when registering for the event. This information is not visible to visitors.

File Library

Organizers can upload documents that visitors can download from online directory.

File nameName to displayed as download link
Choose fileChoose file to upload to library

Access Permissions

Restrict access to registered visitorsIf checked, visitors must set up an account to view exhibitor and product information. Event organizers are notified when visitors register and can view all visitors in the event CRM.
Text for confirmation emailVisitors receive a confirmation email when they have registered for an event. Specify the text here.
Image to include as full-width header in registration confirmation emailsA custom header image can be included in confirmation emails to the visitors.
Emails of organization team to be notified of registrationsEmails of the organization team that should be notified when visitors register.

Advanced Settings

Google Analytics IDOwn Google ID for event organizer to track online directory activity.
Custom CSSEnables custom styling for online directory.