Multi-Brand Producers

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If you are a producer that produces multiple brands, then you should setup yourself up as a Multi-Brand Producer in Bottlebooks.

What is a considered a separate brand in Bottlebooks?  

Every unique brand profile needs a separate account in Bottlebooks. If a collection of your products has a unique producer profile, for instance a unique logo, then you will need a separate account in Bottlebooks to manage those wines. All your accounts can be managed with your current login (email and password).

Example - one account needed

Winemaker Wilhelm has created a Reserve Collection of wines. He wants the consumer to know that the Reserve Collection is from Wiengut Wilhelm, like the rest of his wines.

Example - two accounts needed (multi-brand producers)

Chateaux Paris has created a new line of wines called OuiOuiOui for younger customers. Although they are made by the same company, at the same location, the producer does not want OuiOuiOui to be associated with the older, Chateaux Paris brand, and so they create a new account for OuiOuiOui on Bottlebooks. The Producer has setup two websites to denote this difference.

How is a Multi-Brand Producer setup?

A multi-brand account is an umbrella account for all your brands where you maintain and share all your products. Each brand has its own account.  Accounts can be for white-label brands, brands with the same name as the multi-brand producer, another brand owned by the multi-brand producer or even another brand from another producer.  

How does a Multi-Brand Producer exchange information?

The Multi-Brand Prodcuer account manages all the wine in a master portfolio.  These individual accounts are independent and can be controlled by you, meaning they can also share product information. 

How do I setup a Multi-Brand account?

To manage your accounts in Bottlebooks, scroll over your logo or first letter in the very top right corner of any screen.

The main actions for Muti-Brand Producers are:

1. Switch business profile between your multiple brands (all the brands your email is attached to)

2. Create new business profile

1. Setup your brand accounts

click on "Create new business profile" (see above)

or follow this link:

2. Follow the instructions to setup your account, be sure to choose to choose one of the Producers (Wine, Beer or Spirit) as your Business Type.

3. Repeat until all your producer brands are setup.

4. Then setup your Muti-brand main or umbrella account that will manage all the products for all your brands. Follow the same instructs as above, but this time choose "Importer / Distributor / Export Manager" as the Business Type.

5. For each brand account, complete your profile ( and add your wines for that brand (

You need to also ensure each account is a Bottlebooks Pro member. You can check and subscribe each account here:

6. Then go to your multi-brand account and setup your profile ( and ensure you are Bottlebooks Pro (

7. The last step is to add all the wines from the brands into your Multi-Brand account.  Search for the first brand in the top left corner and click on it. 

This will take you to the producer profile.  Click on "Follow" in the right-hand corner.

Click on "Request Extended information." 

Scroll down and click on "Add" next to all the wines. 

8. After completing adding all the brands and wines, go into each brand and accept the "access to extended information" request. 

This is on your request page: 

9. Back in the Muli-Brand Account, all the wines should be added to the portfolio:

Now you can manage and share your products from your Multi-Brand Producer account.

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