Welcome to Bottlebooks! Follow these steps to get started in Bottlebooks:

1. Setup your account(s) 


Setup an account for each one of your brands in Bottlebooks. Your product portfolio is linked to your business profile. So if you want your products to come from separate profile, they should each have a Bottlebooks account.

2. Choose your language


Choose between 7 languages in Bottlebooks by editing your account settings. 

3. Tell your story


Fill out your profile and describe what makes your business unique. Make sure you fill out contact information, logo and profile picture.

4. Subscribe


Choose your package and enter your credit card information.  There is no contract only our terms and conditions http://www.bottlebooks.me/agbs/. You can cancel anytime before the next billing cycle. 

5. Add colleagues


Invite your colleagues from marketing, events, administration and quality assurance. Owners have full access and get notification emails. Superusers have full access but don't get the emails. Users can manage the data, but not account settings.