After you have created and setup your project you will then need to manage your data collection. 

The recommended time period for a collection is 3 weeks, with 1-2 weeks of review and post-deadline collection.

1. Add your Exhibitors or Suppliers and their contact information.

To add Partners or Exhibitors, click on "Add Partner" in a catalog or "add Exhibitor" in an event.

Search for an select your partner or exhibitor and click "Continue".

If you cannot find your partner or exhibitor then click on "Can't find partner" or "Can't find exhibitor".

Enter the name of your partner or exhibitor.  Then select the business type. 

You will then need to add a contact for your partner or exhibitor. Enter their name and create a new contact if needed.

To create a new contact, you will need to add their name and email.  It is also highly recommended to add a phone number, as it often comes in handy later.

To add a contact, add an additional contact or other contacts once the exhibitor has been added click on the name of the exhibitor.

Then click on registration contacts. 

Select a contact or create a new one.

2. Send the first message

Click on "Message"

Then click on "Send Reminder"

Customize the message

Here is sample for an event

Deadline: March 15, 2019

Dear Great Event 2019 Exhibitor,
As a Great Event 2019 exhibitor we need to have up to date records on your business and the wines you intend to showcase, which will feed through to both the printed catalogue and the online directory which will be used by trade and media visiting the show.
If you have already updated your wines on Bottlebooks, you will simply need to select the wines that you will be presenting at your stand. If you are new to Bottlebooks, you will be prompted to set up an account and enter some detailed wine information. This is at no additional cost to you. You will then be able to use this information again for future Great Event 2019 and activities.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Jim at

Technical questions can be directed to Bottlebooks support

Here is sample for an catalog


Dear Supplier,

As Bert and Ernie discussed in their recent Webex, Indy's Wine Shop is asking suppliers to update their product information for their current listings. 

In addition to ensuring that your basic product information is complete and correct, please pay particular attention to these additional topics:

  • Awards and ratings
  • Suitability for vegans or vegetarians
  • Biodynamic & organic certifications
  • Sustainable certifications

Please note that you must upload supporting documentation and/or certificates if your wines should be classified as biodynamic, organic, or sustainable.

If you have any questions about the data collection, contact Indy ( If you have any technical or billing questions, contact Bottlebooks Support



Indy's Wine Shop Team

You can "Preview" and the "Send" the reminders.

4. Send reminders

Send regular reminders until the collection is complete to your satisfaction.

Here is a typical schedule for a collection.

Initial Message3 weeks before the deadlineintroduction test
Reminder2 weeks before the deadline
straight forward reminder
Reminder1 weeks before the deadline
straight forward reminder
Deadline2 days before the deadlinestraight forward reminder
Post-deadline1 day after the deadlinelast chance

For reminders, select those that have not completed by clicking on "Filter".

Select NOT STARTED and IN PROGRESS then click on "Apply".

You will then see all the exhibitors that are NOT STARTED and IN PROGRESS. Click on "Message" the "Send Reminder". 

Note: if you have many partners or exhibitors, you will be prompted to expand your selection to those that might not fit on your current page.

4. Final Chase and Review

As you watch the data roll in you can track the information collected and drive the collection to completion.

Track progress

In the top right, you can see an overview of the collection. 

To track individual exhibitors, click on the name of your exhibitor or partner. You will (under the "Registration Activity" tab) be able to see all the communication and action on the registration.  You can even add you own notes. 

Review products and mark as complete

Under the "Products" tab you can view the product information collected.  Here you can click on the product name to go into the details or in the top right, under the logo, click on Review Profile to review the partner's or exhibitor's information.

Once you are satisfied with the information, click on "Mark as reviewed".

To get your partner or exhibitor to complete more information click on "Request updates".

Once an exhibitor is reviewed the status will be updated.