Collecting Information: Managing the collection process in a project (event or catalog)

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After you have created and setup your project you will then need to manage your data collection. 

The recommended time period for a collection is 4 weeks, with 1-2 weeks of review and post-deadline collection.

1. Add your Exhibitors or Suppliers and their contact information.

To add Partners or Exhibitors, click on "Add Partner" in a catalog or "add Exhibitor" in an event.

Search for an select your partner or exhibitor and click "Continue".

If you cannot find your partner or exhibitor then click on "Can't find partner" or "Can't find exhibitor".

Enter the name of your partner or exhibitor.  Then select the business type. 

You will then need to add a contact for your partner or exhibitor. Enter their name and create a new contact if needed.

To create a new contact, you will need to add their name and email.  It is also highly recommended to add a phone number, as it often comes in handy later.

To add a contact, add an additional contact or other contacts once the exhibitor has been added click on the name of the exhibitor.

Then click on registration contacts.

Select a contact or create a new one.

2. Send the first message/Reminders

Click on "Message"

Here you can choose if you want to send the message to everyone or, if it's a reminder, you can filter your partners and send it to those that are "Not Started", "In Progress" or "Complete":

Customise the message

You can "Preview" and the "Send" the reminders. Your partners will receive the message and a link o enter again into the collection and add the missing information.

4. Send reminders

Send regular reminders until the collection is complete to your satisfaction.

Here is a typical schedule for a collection.

Initial Message4 weeks before the deadlineintroduction test
Reminder3 weeks before the deadline
straight forward reminder
Reminder2 weeks before the deadline
straight forward reminder
1 week before the deadline
straight forward reminder
Deadline2 days before the deadlinestraight forward reminder
Post-deadline1 day after the deadlinelast chance

4. Final Chase and Review

As you watch the data roll in you can track the information collected and drive the collection to completion.

Track progress

In the top right, you can see an overview of the collection.

To track individual exhibitors, click on the name of your exhibitor or partner. You will (under the "Registration Activity" tab) be able to see all the communication and action on the registration.  You can even add you own notes.

Review products and partner information

If you wish to review the information you have received from one of your partners you can click on his registration:

Check Profile and Product Information by clicking on the Tabs:

Once you are satisfied with the information, click on "Mark as reviewed". The partner will know that no more work from his side is needed:

Once an exhibitor is reviewed the status will be updated.

To get your partner or exhibitor to complete more information click on "Request updates" and send them a message.

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