Forward Request: Send projects to your producers and suppliers to complete

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You can forward a request for product information on to your producers or suppliers. 

Click on the project in your dashboard.

1. Forward the request

Continue through the project registration wizard until you reach the "Products" stage.  

You might already have a product list here you can forward. If not you can add products to the list. You can also copy from a previous registration.  Your supplier will also be able to adjust the list and update vintages.

To get started click on "Forward Request"

You can then change the name and set your date (recommended to set earlier that the main project deadline).

2. Collect Information from suppliers in new Forwarded Request project

You will then be taken into the forwarded project and see you partners or suppliers.  

Add the contact information from your suppliers and send them reminders until they complete their registrations. If you have not done this before here is a guide to Collect Information.

You can always get back into the Forwarded Request in your dashboard.

3. Merge Data into original project

Go back into your original project in your dashboard.

Go to the "Products" stage in the registration and click on "Merge Forwarded Request".

You will then have a list of the products with action buttons.

Add to Project - For new wines and vintage that your supplier added, this button will add them to the list.

Remove from Project - For wines and vintage that were deleted by your supplier, this button will remove them to the list.

Review Changes - This button will open up the product information form. The fields highlighted in green are filed that were added by your supplier. The fields in red are fields that were changed by your supplier. The original value is below. 

Adjust values if needed and click on Save & Close.

4. Complete the Project registration

Continue through the wizard to complete it and send release the information. 

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