Configuring Snipcart Settings for Order Button

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Snipcart is a lightweight eCommerce tool that can be integrated with Bottlebooks Online Directories to enable sample ordering or even actual sales. This guide explains the key settings.

Set up Account

Follow this step-by-step process to complete the initial account setup.

Set up Regional Settings

Access the regional settings for your account.

Review the following settings:




Select the desired currency to appear in checkout pages. It is also visible when prices are 0, so it should be updated.

Currency Symbol

Enter the correct currency symbol (i.e. £, €, $, CAD$, etc.)

Decimal Separator & Thousand Separator

Ensure that comma versus dot is correct for the country/language of the shop.

Enabled Countries

Select which countries users should be able to enter shipping addresses for.

Set up Checkout & Cart

Access the Checkout & Cart settings for your account. The following are common settings.



Allow guests only

Removes an extra step during checkout. 

Notify me when a new order occurs

Receive a notification upon each order.

Automatically send the invoice to the purchaser upon checkout as well as refund confirmations.

Ensure customers receive an order confirmation.

Set up Shipping

Access the Shipping Settings for your account.

  1. Enable shipping

  2. Activate “Custom Shipping / Custom Shipping Methods”

  3. Configure Custom Shipping Methods. 

    1. Create Shipping Method

    2. Name: Free shipping

    3. Cost: 0

    4. Leave the rest blank

Configure Custom Domains

Access the Domains & URLs settings for your account. Enter the domain that the online directory will be distributed under (i.e.

Advanced customization

Email templates can be customized to be even more tailored to your business. The templates can be edited here.




I don’t see the expected countries when entering billing/shipping addresses during checkout.

Review that the desired countries are selected in Regional Settings

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