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There are a few setups that need to be configured when managing an event/collection, such as setting up a deadline, an introduction text for the overview page,  the maximum number of products, and a maximum number of exhibitors.
You can find those setting when clicking on the option → "Settings" and then → "Overview"

  • Name of the Project: Give your event/collection a name that your partners can easily identify.
  • Registrations Deadline: When do you need your data by? We usually suggest to run a 4 weeks collection to have successful results. Give your partners time to answer your questions and give yourself some time to review the data and request some updates if necessary.
  • Registration Instruction: This is the text your partners will see in the landing page when clicking on the link. Give them some explanation about the collection, why you are requesting them and, in case of an event, tell them more about it. Don't forget to add a contact for assistance and our contact for technical issues (

  • Maximum number of wines that each exhibitor can register: Here you can set a limit of wines that each partner can register
  • Maximum number of registrations in this event/collection: Here you can set a limit of exhibitors/partners that can register for this event/collection.
    For example: for an event you have 12 tables available only, you will set the limit to 12 exhibitors here. When the limit is reached the registration automatically closes and no other exhibitor will be able to register.

After setting up those fields, you should click on → "Done"

  • Questions
    When setting up an event/collection there are some questions you can add or remove for exhibitors to answer, for this, please click on → "Settings" "Questions"

    We have over 250 standard questions you can choose from and they are divided as follow:

    Exhibitor: There are many producers that own multiple brands. In Bottlebooks they are structured as Multibrands: there is a main account from which is possible to manage all the brands belonging to it. The exhibitor in this case is the main brand. In a similar way it works for importers for example. They do not have Multibrand accounts but, from their account, they can add products of the wineries they represent. In "Exhibitor" we catch the company information in this case.
    You can add custom questions in case you don't find yours among the standard ones.
    Producer: These are questions related to the producers/brands.
    You can add custom questions in case you don't find yours among the standard ones.
    Wine: These are the questions related to wines
    Beer: These are the questions related to beers in case you have some breweries among your exhibitors/partners
    Spirit: These are the questions related to beers in case you have some distilleries among your exhibitors/partners
    All Products: In case you are not finding your question among the standard ones, you can add a custom question for products from here. You have several possibilities based on your needs:

  • Pricing
    If you want to collect Pricing information you can add the Prices Add On. You can choose to either collect Price categories or precise prices by clicking on → "Settings""Prices" Product Price "By Price" or "By Price Category" "Done"

    You will have the option to choose some price types and currency options as well.

  • Contacts
    If you want to gather information about contacts, please click on → "Settings""Contacts"

    Is you select this Add On you will collect the primary contact for the event/collection only.

    You can also collect Attending Contacts or distribution contacts by switching them on from here.

Directory: Banners
If you want to manage your online directory and use a banner and logo you can select this by clicking on → “Settings”“Website / Online directory”

Please be aware to upload images/logos or banners with high resolution quality in order to make them more attractive on your website/online directory.

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