1) Copy from Bottlebooks Portfolio

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If you choose to copy from Bottlebooks Portfolio as below, you can search for the products you have already within your Bottlebooks portfolio and copy the product information over:

You can search for your product as below, please click on the correct product and click on -> "Select & Review Data" to get you to the next step.

You will be redirected to our e-label form in order to check the information that was copied over and add additional information if needed.

On the left side, you can find a menu bar on the right side you have a live preview of what your e-label will look like. Whenever you change any information on the form you will see it in the preview as well.
You have also the Fields that you can check that need your attention.

There are some required fields in order to meet the EU regulations. These fields are marked as required (please check the screenshot below).

We encourage you to enter all the information required on the form, to make your e-label look better and have this information visible to the consumer. 

In the form, you will also find a few help icons -> "?" in order to explain what is required in the fields.

When you finished, you can click on -> "Publish now" to get your updated version live.

If some required information is missing, there will be a pop-up message to inform you about it.

You can either choose if you want to proceed and publish -> "Yes" or if you want to go back in the form and complete the missing fields -> "Cancel".

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