How to create E-Labels Guide

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To start creating your e-label please log in to your Bottlebooks account. To enter our e-label platform, please click on the following link:

You can also learn more in our Master Guide with more direction on the legislation

Trouble logging into e-labels? 

-> To start creating your e-label, please click on -> "Add E-label".

You will be asked to type in your E-label name. This is a name for your reference only, it will not show when scanning the QR code:

After entering your E-label name, please click on -> "Add & Continue".

The next page will give you the possibility to download your QR code in different formats. Please notice that the QR code will be created and saved first, in case you need the QR code to send to your label designer for printing.

You have the option to -> "Create e-label" or "Complete later".

If you wish to enter data and create your e-label please click on -> "Create e-label".

At this point, we just have the e-label solution for wines. The next step is choosing your target countries for this please click on -> "Add country"

You will be provided with a list of countries. Please select the countries you want to create your e-label for and when finished please click on -> "Add selected".

The reference language will be automatically filled in regard to your choices of target countries. Nevertheless, you can select which language you want to have as your main language.

Please be informed that if English is the language you have set up when entering Bottlebooks, and the target countries you have selected don't have English as the main language it will appear as an informational text in order for you to choose or not to include English as well.

To get into the next step of the e-label, please click on -> "Continue".

You will be given three different options to create your e-label:

Please click on the different options below to see how each one works:

1) Copy from Bottlebooks Portfolio 

2) Copy from existing E-label
3) Start entering data

Some reminders for you: 

If you enter free text in a few fields such as sustainable messages and consumption messages please be informed that the translations into other languages will need to be done manually by you.


there is the indication that only English is translated, if you click on -> "Translate" you will be given the option to translate it into the other selected languages.

To save those changes, please click on -> "Done"

If you want to redirect your QR code to another URL please check this:

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