Redirect QR code to another site or E-label

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With Bottlebooks, you can redirect your QR code to another site or e-label.

This allows you to have complete flexibility in the future to redirect your QR code to the URL you wish.

For your workflow, you can create your QR code now and take some time to decide if you will use the Bottlebooks E-label or another solution. This allows you to design your labels before you have all your required information.

1. Please follow this link ( or choose the option E-labels on the top menu when in Bottlebooks.

2. Click on the Add E-label button

3. Name your e-label (this will just be for your reference, though it will appear if you have not redirect or Bottlebooks E-label attached)

4. Your QR code will be automatically created. To redirect your QR code, please click on More actions and then on Set a redirect URL.

If you don't have your E-label setup, then you can select Complete Later.

5. Once you click Set a redirect URL, you will arrive on the QR code overview page. You will be given the option -> "Redirect QR code" as below:

6. You just need to enter the URL you wish your QR code will appear and "save" it.

7. Afterward, to make your QR code visible you need to click on the top left -> "Publish now".

If you want to create your QR code and at the same time fulfill all information on E-label, please check the following guide: Create your E-label

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