If you have been asked to register for an Event or Catalog on Bottlebooks, this is an overview of the guides that will help you through.

First, you need to ensure you get into the correct registration:

Accessing your event or catalog registration

Once you arrive at the registration, you will see a step by step registration process. On the left, you will be able to track your progress through each stage of the registration. 

Depending on your registrations, you will be asked for and see certain stages. 

Click on each guide to learn more about each stage:

Overview - Start Registration

Profile - Company Profile

Products - Sort or order your wine list

Products - Adding your products (not a winery)

Prices - Adding prices in an event or catalog

Shipping - Generating packing slip and receipts

Contacts - Event contacts 

Contacts - Distribution

Review - The review page for a catalog or event

Payment - Catalogs requiring payment