Products - Adding your products (Importers, Agents, Multibrand Producers)

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Follow these steps to add your products (Wine, Beer or Spirits) to an event or catalog in Bottlebooks.

This guide is for importers, agencies, multi-brand wineries, association, distributors, and retailers. For single brand wineries, see the "Adding your Products (Winery)" guide.

1. Go to your Event or Catalog registration in Bottlebooks and click on "Products" in the left-hand menu.

Add an individual wine

2. Click on "Add Product" in the top right. 

2.1 Type in your Producer name.

2.2 If you see the name of the Producer, click on it and then click on "Review Profile" in the bottom right.

If you do not see the name of producer, enter the name and click on "My Producer is not in this list"

2.3 For New Producers, you will be prompted to add a placeholder account for them in Bottlebooks. You can request that the producer enter the information, by clicking in the checkbox and entering a contact email. They will then receive a request to setup their account and enter their wine information.

2.4 You will then be taken to the company profile of the producer to complete any missing information. Any field marked with a * is a required field and the other fields are optional.

Complete all optional fields to have the best profile. All the profiles and product information comes from the information you enter.

When finished, click on "Continue".

2.5 Now enter your product name.

If you see the name appear, click on it. If you see the product name appear, but with another vintage, select the vintage you want to base this wine on (Bottlebooks will bring over common information like region to the new wine). Then select and vintage and click on "Continue".

If you do not see your product, enter the product name and click on "My product is not on this list" Select the type of product and then click on Save and Continue.

2.6 Review and complete your product information and click Save and Close.

Add products from your portfolio

3. If you maintain a portfolio on Bottlebooks, you can easily copy over product information from your portfolio.

In the top right-hand corner click on "+ Add from Portfolio".

Search and select the product you wish to add click on -> "Select".

When you are done, click "Done" in the bottom right


After the products are added, complete any products still listed as incomplete (yellow), but clicking on the name of the products.

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