To set up your own Snipcart account to enable order sampling, follow these steps.

1. Go to and click on Signup in the top right.

2. Follow the registration process. Enter your email.  Verify your email address through email.  Enter your password twice. Add your website domain.

3. Once you enter Snipcart, click on the person in the top right then the right-hand menu will appear, and click on "users" near the bottom.

4. Then click on "Create new user" and enter the Bottlebooks email supplied to you from your project manager at Bottlebooks.

5. Finally you need to send us at Bottlebooks the API key.  You can find it also in the right-hand menu.  Click on the person icon in the top right.  Then on API KEYS in the menu.  Finally, copy the long PUBLIC TEST API KEY and send it to Bottlebooks.