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Associations often collect information from their producers to create their own marketing materials for ProWein. However, this information rarely makes it onto where it can reach an even wider audience. Associations were often left with a limited or inconsistent presentation on the main website and app. 

Starting at ProWein 2023, associations can publish all the wines to using an import process managed by Bottlebooks. This process involves associations taking the information they may have already collected from producers and transferring it to a standard Google Sheet or Excel template. This template is then uploaded by Bottlebooks to

Producers can of course take control and manage their own ProWein profile using Bottlebooks, but associations can for the first time ensure visitors can find a consistent baseline of information across the entire stand.

Note that the deadline for submission is February 10th, 2023. 

Note: You must have over 100 product to use this service. Less than 100 products? Please request a registration link.

How to Guide

Here is how to populate the Google Sheet template with your wine data. Start by creating a copy of the ProWein template. 

Click this link to get the template. 

You will be asked to make a copy of the document.

If you are not currently logged into Google, you will be prompted to log in.

After you have created a copy of the document, populate it with the wine data from your producers. Read more about how to do this below in Data Fields.

After you have completed preparing the Google Sheet, send the link to Data will be published to within a week.

Excel (alternative option)

You can also download an Excel template with your wine data.

Click here to download the Excel template.

After you have downloaded the document, populate it with the wine data from your producers. Read more about how to do this below in Data Fields.

After you have completed preparing the Excel file, send the file to Data will be published to within a week.

Data Fields

The template contains a combination of required and optional data that you can publish to This section explains more about each field.

Required fields

Stand order number - each exhibitor/producer at your stand has been assigned a stand order number (Standauftrags-Nummer). This is a 7-digit number. This column must be completed correctly for any data to be published.

Producer or Brand - Name of producer or brand for the product.

Product Name - Product name without vintage or producer name.

ProWein product category - Each exhibitor/producer should have chosen a product category when they registered for ProWein. Each exhibitor/producer gets one free product category, which is required in order for any products to be published to Read more about product category codes on the ProWein OOS.

If this field is left blank, will automatically assign the first product category it finds for each exhibitor/producer.

If an exhibitor/producer has not selected a product category during their ProWein registration, no product information will be displayed until they do so.

ProWein product category 2 - If a second product category has been purchased, it can be assigned here.

Denomination - Not every DO has an official product category on This column provides fine-grained control over how your DO is displayed for the individual products. This is not your ProWein Product Category, rather it is how your region or DO will be displayed on the product page.

One example of where this can be useful are for producers that have multiple DOs. For example, a large producer may have only a single ProWein product category - "South Africa." But this producer has wines from both Stellenbosch and Cape Town. Use denomination to indicate Stellenbosch and Cape Town DOs.

Tasting note for trade - Recommended maximum of 600 characters.

High-res bottle image - This must be a public URL. There may be an additional fee to process images that are provided by zip.

Sustainability certification -  If certified sustainable, enter the name of the certification.

Also, please notice that it can take up to a week to get your products searchable on and ProWein app.

We look forward to a successful ProWein and showcasing all your products to a global audience.

If you still have any questions about the process, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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